(1) Russell Square(1) South Hampton Row(1) Tottenham Court
(2) Holborn Access Shafts(3) Covent Garden ApproachAct 1 (Zones)
Augmentrex 3000Blood SurgeCharacter Creation Tools
ClassesCrafting MaterialDelux De-Modificator
DemonsDerek's Divine EqualizerDifficulty Modes
Electricity DamageEngineer SkillsEvoker (Skills)
Flesh GolemsFusilier's FriendHealth Regeneration
Hellgate Eternity WikiImpsList of Emotes
Lowber's Lucky LobberMac Kenzie's XM41 BolterMinions
ModsNano ForgePalladium
Power RegenerationPremium PetsRandom funny facts
Random interesting facts about HG:GScrappingSets
Shock EffectSpine of the AbyssSummoner
System RequirementsTemplarThe Mini-game
The Sovereign's MaceThe Story (History)Unique & Named Weapons
UniquesVulcan BolterWeapon Accuracy and spread
File:(Real)Shulgoth Dying.jpgFile:(Real)Shulgoth Front.jpgFile:1307761295641.jpg
File:A templar seraph.jpgFile:Corssair Spread.jpgFile:Drone with cabalist gun.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:FatBully.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:HGG-Act1.jpgFile:Hell Gate Global - Wiki.jpgFile:Hellgate2.jpg
File:Hellgatesacrifice.jpgFile:Hellrift1.jpgFile:Hero of Heorot.jpg
File:Mace.jpgFile:Molotov Assault.gifFile:Rare mac kenzie's xm41 bolter.jpg
File:Rocket Bot.gifFile:Shulgoth Back.jpgFile:Shulgoth Dying.jpg
File:Shulgoth Front.jpgFile:Shulgoth Left.jpgFile:Shulgoth Right.jpg
File:Shulgoth back.jpgFile:Shulgoth left.jpgFile:Shulgoth right.jpg
File:Spread example.jpgFile:Spyne of abyss.jpgFile:Sydonai1.jpg
File:Tantorus dead.jpgFile:To Level in HELL.jpgFile:Unique Vulcan Bolter.jpg

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